About Us

Eternal Flight is a family run business that creates unique, beautiful, 3D nature inspired, memorial art. Each one of our butterfly creations is infused with the cremated ashes of loved ones within the body of the butterfly. Professionally framed and presented in its own special gift box along with a certificate of authenticity, this is the perfect memorial or gift piece for the home allowing you to remember loved ones in a special way for years to come.


As a professional artist, I was signed with two of the UK’s largest Art Publishing Companies, Demontfort Fine Art and Buckingham Fine Art, with my art being shown in many high street galleries across the UK, including the prestigious Whitewall galleries. My art has also sold to many collectors around the world and been featured on cruise ships.

Now fully independent, I have taken this freedom and the success of my unique 3D butterfly art style and created these special memorial pieces of art encompassing loved one’s ashes.

In the search for my own unique style I spent a lot of time experimenting with new painting methods, looking for a new style of artwork. There were many highs and a lot of lows along the way in this long journey, and I started to lose faith in my discovery. Then all of a sudden my artwork came together, everything seemed to fit in place and I had created my own unique style and people loved it. How could I explain this?

Why Butterflies?

I would not consider myself to be very spiritual, however just before my artwork discovery moment, a close relative passed away quite unexpectedly. This person loved nature and always showed a keen interest in my art. It wasn’t until following this event did we discover the symbolic meaning to the butterflies. Further investigation has also revealed butterflies have many symbolic meanings, including:

Pink Butterfly with Ashes
  • Common sign from a deceased loved one.
  • Brings you good luck.
  • Represents transformation and soul evolution.
  • Bringer of joy and peace.
  • Reminiscent of freedom and creativity.
  • Endurance, change, hope and life.

Butterflies are considered as one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Their aesthetic aspects are mesmerizing and the change they make from one form to another, called metamorphosis is astonishing. They aren’t just pretty creatures, they’re also a great reminder of what matters most in life and what true beauty means.

Many people believe butterflies can be seen as a spiritual symbol of resurrection or signs from deceased loved ones, sending comfort and to reassure you that the soul of your loved one lives on.

They say art is subjective and everyone sees different things in art. Many people purchased my art as a way of remembering loved ones, with the butterflies representing loved ones. It was for this reason I created Eternal Flight.